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No day but today

"And though she be but little, she is fierce"

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User Number: 9184338
Date Created:01/05/06
Number of Posts: 545

memories_zz9 is a small, strange, obsessive being with cravings for chocolate, toast and Sharpe, and who spends rather too much time getting stressed out or procrastinating.
Strengths: Being a techie, music, being sensible, art (sort of), photography (sort of), arguing, eating toast, watching TV online
Weaknesses: Being pedantic, not concentrating, awkwardness, being shy, grouchyness, running, procrastination
Special Skills: Apparently.. being in two places at once, creeping up on people & freaking them out, stalking people, deafening people with brass instruments
Weapons: Extreme anger, bow, feet, fists, mood swings, spite, sarcasm, swearing (occasionally in different languages)

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